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MedibandPlus FAQ

MedibandPlus is a description of your medical background, including medical conditions, allergies, medications, blood type and immunization records made available to emergency responders. In addition, details of your physician(s), and emergency family and friends contacts are kept.

You are in complete control of your online personal health record. It's accessible 24/7 via the internet and you can update your personal medical information in it at any time.

What do I write on my mediband bracelet & medical ID?
How is my mediband Plus membership number added to my custom mediband bracelet order?
Is MedibandPlus a good idea for me?
I already wear a medical ID. Why should I have a MedibandPlus membership?
Who will have access to my information?
Will my medical information be kept private?
What is your Privacy Policy?
How much does it cost to sign up with MedibandPlus?
How many people does a family membership cover?
What if I lose my Mediband or wallet card which features my member number?
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