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Welcome to MedibandPlus - A Medical Track & Trace System

Every second in an emergency situation is critical. Medication errors harm at least 1.5 million people each year in the US. By joining MedibandPlus, your medical information will be available in an emergency, reducing the possibility of a medication error.  Include a medibandPlus membership number on your emergency ID today!

MedibandPlus will allow you to store information such as;

  • Personal & Emergency Contacts
  • Your Allergies
  • Current Medications
  • Medical Notes & Unique Identifying Marks e.g blood type.
  • Your Physician Information
  • Surgical & Implant History
  • Your Donor Wishes

Your records are easily updated and managed. Whilst personal details are encrypted and password protected,  the privacy level of each information field can be set to public, hospitals only, or to private.  Your advance care directives are always at hand with a quick look-up on the medibandplus online health alert.  Ensure your full health records are always accessible by including your medibandplus membership on your medical ID today!

An Emergency Contact Email Alert informs loved ones quickly in cases of emergency.

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