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MedibandPlus Reviews

Very professional operation Very happy

George, Albury NSW

I think that Medibandplus is very important for every person

Afaf, Bexley NSW

I find it very helpful.

pietro, bloomfield NJ

I have been looking for an effective and safe medic alert system for some time. I called into our local pharmacy and saw the Medibands displayed on the counter. The shop assistant gave me all the information needed. I purchased one, filled in all my details with Mediband Plus, and now I am safe and secure in the knowledge that my health problems are recorded in an easily accessible way. Now I can be certain of receiving expert care in any medical emergency. Thanks so much, I will be recommending Mediband to my friends and family. Pastor Jo Ford

Joan [Jodene], Waikato New Zealand

I have a very close friend who is a Paramedic and he suggested that I get one of these band as I have 2 Medication allergies and a severe allergic reaction to the Man of War Jellyfish. I recommend that anyone with any allergic reaction to anything to purchase a band as they can save your life.

Wendy, Sunshine Coast QLD

This is a great way to store my medical info for Emergency Service personal to access in an Emergency. as I have a friend who is a Paramedic and he told me about these wrist bands as Iam allergic to some medications. Although my local hospital and G.P knows of them but if Iam else where in the country or overseas they don't know. So this is a great way of letting other medical personal that i have allergies.

Wendy, Sunshine Coast QLD

The fact that all my medical records are in one place with in the event of an emergency either here at home or while traveling is convenient. No more memorization. Paramedics just need to access my account for the information needed. The option of a reversible or write-on band keeps my medical problems discreet, unlike metal bracelets or necklaces.

Colette, Friendswood TX

love my band for Diabetes 2 but have lost my wallet card

Sue, Newport GWENT

i have wanted this type of medical band for sometime,and thanks to mediband offering this great offer ; now i can! THANK YOU MEDIBANDPLUS!

Norma , Erwin TN

I live so far from my specialist and hospital - I now have peace of mind knowing that if I become unwell, I can get the fastest treatment possible because of my Mediband Plus membership.

Julie-Ann, Drouin VIC

I got my Anaphylaxis bands today and they are REALLY COOL. I love my butterfly one.

Elizabeth, Clergate NSW

only just singed up and having epilepsy i hope it serves me as well as everyone says it dose and if it dose than ill be a very happy man

Daniel, Orange NSW

Only just joined but feel more secure already.

Cheryl, Worthing WSUS

What a fantastic idea! All your important stuff here for emergencies and the family don't have to worry, when you travel. Everyone needs to join today. NOW!!

Jenelle, Ormeau QLD

I am diabetic tablet controled alergies MORPHINE=(server vomoting) KEPHLIX =(extream high blood preesure)

rhonda, wallsend. NSW

This is a true account of my health history

Kristina, DENMARK WA

Hi I just to say what a great company mediband is to deal with ... excellent service with constant updates regarding the order of my 9 year old son's arm bands. The emails I received put my mind at rest knowing the bands were being made, delivered etc. Oliver my son is rapt he can wear a cool, trendy arm band explaining is medical condition warning people of his seizures... My family are very grateful. Thankyou for your wonderful product.

Martine, Newtown Queensland

Absolutely love this son has just joined Prep this year and I love that he can wear his cool bright bracelet to school to raise awareness about his Nut allergy and give quick information to others particularly whilst he is in the school yard. Your great product gives us more security for his safety! Thank you!!

KM, Mount Martha Victoria

In 1985 I went into Anaphylaxis after a 25 mg shot of heart stopped...they got it going again with Benadryl & Epinephrine. I tried 2 metal bracelets, but they both broke. I\'ve worn nothing since 1990. I now teach an inclusive PreK (16 students-8 with disabilities). I had a non-disabled student seize during nap time while I was gone. They called Mom and an ambulance and he's okay, but no one was sure what to do. I decided to buy some write-on bracelets for my students who vary in their need...and use one others aren\'t left not-knowing what to do when any need arises. I love that the red color alerts/reminds us to look further for help...the metal bracelets can easily be overlooked as jewelry. Thank you so much for having these available. Sue

Sue, Port Orange Florida

My mediband arrrived in the UK four days after ordering, fantastic service. I have been reluctant to wear any form of medical identity braclets since epilepsy was diagnosed , but I will NOT feel uncomfortable wearing my mediband whilst out running or cycling alone, it will make me feel a lot safer than I have been doing without any ID, hey might even be brave and wear it on a night out! Thanks mediband for making an essential item funky and affordable.

Jane, BRIDLINGTON East Riding of Yorkshire

I recently moved to Hong Kong so needed to have my peanut allergy band translated into cantonese. My bilingual band has proved it\'s worth dozens of times as I explore the fantastic street markets or Hong Kong. Thanks guys - fantastic adaptability as i didn\'t even know i you could write in Asian languages!

Ryan, Central

I would like to thank you all for your rapid response. I purchased one for myself and it has snowballed. I have since purchased several move for various friends and family, young and old. We all put them on as part of getting dressed in the morning or leave them on all the time. Great idea...I have made all other friends and family aware of them I think of them as my little life saver jewellery.

Kathy, Bathurst NSW

Great service and products, thank you.

Richard, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

Thank you so much for such wonderful and quick service. I love my bracelet - I have been through so many metal ones breaking all the time. This is great I feel safe knowing that people will be aware if I become sick and cannot communicate they will know from my bracelet that I am a type 1 diabetic. All my friends in New Zealand are getting onto your website and joining up and ordering your great bracelets.

Linda, Auckland

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